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Message by Kabiyesi HRM Oba (Engr.) Moses Oluwafemi Agunsoye, Abikehin-Ekun Agunsoye II, Elegboro of Ijebu-Jesa


It gives me great joy to welcome you all, sons and daughters of our kingdom, to this new Egboro Project Development Site, a new innovation from the Egboro Website Think Tank. We are indeed on course to break new grounds.

May I use this avenue to appreciate the Website Team ably led by our sons, Mr. Oluwole Faseru, Prince Adeyemi Arojojoye and Prince Adetoyese Arojojoye.

For over a decade, this wonderful team has designed, funded and operated this community website from their own purse. They have been doing this without asking for a dime from the community. This to me is a great sacrifice and patriotism at play. Some weeks back, two members of the website team from the US, Prince Adetoyese Arojojoye and Prince Adeyemi Arojojoye were at home and I used the occasion to eulogies their efforts. Other members of the team who are in Nigeria too have been very effective in ensuring that we get timely updated news and information about happenings in our community from time to time. Much appreciation to Bukmine, Seyi Asolo, Mayowa Olokun and Sunday Ademola Ojelabi for all they do.

This Project Development Site is a welcome innovation as it will keep us up-to-date on projects going on in our community from one stage to the other. I sincerely believe this site will also help those who do not reside at home to keep a tab on the developments happening back home. I see this site helping us to track how money donated to projects are been judiciously expended, and on intended projects.

It is very imperative for me to reiterate the fact that every developmental projects that we see in Ijebu-Jesa town today; the Town Hall, General Hospital, Post Office, Police Station, NSCDC Office, Ijebu-Jesa Grammar School, High Court and the Magistrate Court to mention a few, are all conceived, executed and achieved through communal efforts and contributions from great citizens of our town. Individuals, Clubs and Societies, Artisans Associations and the IJUC have all seen to the success of the developmental monuments we are now proud of. For this, ‘I doff my heart’ for all sons and daughters of this land, dead or alive. You are all legends in your own right.

As we launch this new site to get updated on projects going on in the community, may I emphasise that this is a clarion call to all of you, good citizens of this land, to stand up and be counted among those using their resources to develop Ijebu-Jesa. Like Apostle Paul saw in his vision in Acts Chapter 16 verse 9, I dare say to you, ‘Come over to Ijebu-Jesa and help us’.

My vision for Ijebu-Jesa upon ascending the throne is to have a ‘New Ijebu-Jesa’. A town we can all be proud of. I desire to see new things springing up. New businesses, new and modern constructions, booming economic activities, expanded trades for our business men and women, cottage industries, small and medium scale enterprises and technology innovations happening in our town. This is my dream, this is my desire and I believe with you all, we can achieve this.

I strongly believe in team work; I see all of us as team members in the Project New Ijebu-Jesa. Much as believe in the realisation of this lofty desire, I know I cannot do it alone without the support of you, my Lieutenants. I need you all to come on board. Play your part, contribute your quotes, however big or little, to every developmental projects. Let your name be mentioned in the Ijebu-Jesa Hall of Fame for being part of positive developments.
The new ultra-modern palace for Ijebu-Jesa is under construction, some persons, including me and my council of chiefs have made contributions towards it. I am still going to do more. I therefore call on you all to be part of this. The palace will be there for generations yet unborn and our efforts will be well appreciated. I must let you know that it is my desire that the palace project be completed and commissioned before my 5th Coronation Anniversary coming up in November 2022. I know you will make it happen.

Again, I welcome you to Egboro Projects Development Site. Here you will get to see developmental projects going on and I believe it will help your decision in making your own contributions.


HRM Oba (Engr.) Moses Oluwafemi Agunsoye, Abikehin-Ekun Agunsoye II Elegboro of Ijebu-Jesa